Drawing for Food heads to Abner’s Barcebue in Jenkintown, PA (outside of Philadelphia).

Jonny recounts two days of roadtrippin’ on Sip.By.Sip and will have more for the adventures on his trip from Philadelphia to California in the coming days. He also gives a short account of my birthday celebration.

One of our truly favorite people and rockers, Dan Burton from Early Day Miners, gives an overview of his favorite spots in Bloomington, IN for Aquarium Drunkard. [via My Old Kentucky Blog]

Marc at burgatory heads to Ithaca for a burger at Louie’s Lunch, a lunch truck, not the purported New Haven, CT birthplace of the hamburger. He’s also “grilled” by A Hamburger Today and bravely lists Charlie’s as one of his top 5 Philly burgers.

High fives to The Chicago Burger project for replying to the snarkiness of Time Out Chicago calling their burger eating into question. Stay golden, guys.

The Japanese Snack Revew has a sports drink flavored Kit Kat. Pocari sweat? You’ll have to read more about it.

Weegie heads to Audrey Claire in Philadelphia for his birthday on Weegeats.

Foodaphilia covers the recent Philadelphia Rib Cook-Off.

Roadfood Digest gives a quick review of the hot dog at Ted’s in Buffalo, NY and also has chocolate gravy with bacon over biscuits and some incredible homemade doughnuts at Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor.

The Great Burger Conquest heads to Apple Pan in California to try a burger and pie and gives it a 9 out of 10.

Candy Blog tries P-Not Butter Flavored Sixlets and finds them shameful.

Pizza Blogger reviews Matthew’s Pizza in Baltimore and debunks their “perfect pizza,” though they do have crab pizza.

Always Hungry review A Voce Columbus and their very amazing dessert doughnuts which they named best in NYC before.

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