Pork magazine reports that Burger King will be testing “Fire-Grilled Ribs” in four different markets: Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Greensboro NC, and Orlando. Very interesting. [via Consumerist]

John Edge gives an in-depth look at South Carolina whole pig barbecue in the New York Times.

Jonny pulls a Victory Baltic Thunder and Dogfish Head Palo Santo out of his beer cellar at Sip.by.Sip.

The Houston Press shows off a Top 10 list of Texas Burgers complete with very delicious photos. [via A Hamburger Today]

Phoodie is back at it with another Tastykake taste off, this time with cookies. They also offer up a preview of P.Y.T., a new Philadelphia burger place set to open in early July.

Fries with that Shake give a run down of the Philadelphia Burger Club meeting at Goodburger. The ‘Calc hit that a while back and seemed to be in line with their results.

The Burger Beast made me feel all nostalgic for French fast food with a little rundown on the Belgian chain Quick. I definitely preferred going there over McDonald’s in a pinch.

Ed Levine tries a couple of pizza spots in San Francisco that made Alan Richman’s list of the top 25 pizzas in the US

So Good visits Z Burger in DC which seems to rise to the level of Five Guys and also offers shakes and fries.

A shoutout to my friend Oliver who slipped these links into my RSS Feedreader: Amazing behind the scenes look at the Volcano Taco at Taco Bell from Serious Eats, as well as a look at the Phat Lady from Hoagie Haven in Princeton.

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