Nicole from Baking Bites was in Paris and posted several reviews of restaurants, bakeries, and patisseries in that city, including Berthillion Ice Cream which looks pretty incredible.

Fries with that Shake report on the opening of Capogiro Gelato in West Philadelphia. Finally folks are noticing that the people in the West Philly are hungry and have money to spend. We’re working on a post about Capogiro from a recent visit, but it’s some of the best gelato in the world. fwts also visit In-N-Out and have animal style fries, reminding me that I need to get to Southern California very very soon.

Phoodie has a Tastykake vs. Entenmann’s lemon pie faceoff, though I’m still a fan of Fruit Pie the Magician.

Breakfast burgers: Bobby Flay makes them and our Philly friends visit a Canadian spot for brunch that serves them. Me, I still want to see waffles or pancakes for buns, McGriddle style.

In the queue for the ‘Calc, our Austin correspondent made it to Snow’s barbecue which is supposed to be the top spot in Texas. A new correspondent visited Varga in Philadelphia. We’ll also have some burger reviews from Grace Tavern, Prohibition, and Royal Tavern in Philadelphia.


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  1. Jonny Rashid says:

    I posted some impressions of Varga recently. Check that out and some other Philly bar reviews on my new blog, Hatch.

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