Angry Whopper

Angry Whopper

Burger King, or at least Burger King’s marketing and advertising partnership firms, have been pushing the envelope for quite a long time. I remember being mesmerized by Hootie schlepping a special edition Whopper with a cast of scantily clad women on swings and buckets of ranch dressing during the 2004 NCAA men’s basketball tournament. It was like some sort of drug-induced surreal experience. Then, the whole creepy “Wake Up with the King” thing, the recent Flame meat-scented cologne campaign, and today’s Whopper Sacrifice Facebook application. But actually naming one of your menu items “Angry” is pretty out there, especially when you keep churning out sub-par specialty sandwiches. Knowing that there’s an Angry Whopper in existence is like a challenge to me. I first read about it on The Impulsive Buy and had to re-read it and make sure it wasn’t some kind of joke.

Brit, Dave, and I have fully embraced Whopper Wednesday and make it a pretty regular event. I’m not sure how long this has been going on, but they started by featuring a Whopper combo for $2.99. Lately, in these hard times, Burger King quietly jacked the price up 10% to $3.29. You gotta pay extra for the cheese now -which is essential.

So, this Whopper Wednesday, I forwent (is that a word) the standard Whopper Wednesday and did the Angry Whopper. For whatever reason, it is impossible to “Have it Your Way” on Whopper Wednesday. The special deal just never, ever applies to any of the limited edition Whoppers. Don’t waste your time asking, and stop confusing the cashier. All that said: Angry Whopper on Whopper Wednesday, no special deal. That’s fine.

Taste My Anger

Taste My Anger

The Angry Whopper comes with pepper jack cheese, bacon, onion rings, jalapeno peppers, and a spicy “anger sauce.” On first bite, I was a little disappointed. When you call a sandwich angry, you expect more pain and suffering. The anger sauce was kind of tangy, a little smokey, and a little spicy. Not a bad sauce by any means, just not make-me-cry hot. A few more bites in, bites which included some jalapenos, the heat had risen. I do like the inclusion of both pepper jack cheese and the onion rings on the sandwich. I think pepper jack should be a standard offering at fast food places to kick up the spice a bit. The texture of the onion rings is nice, but might have been even better if they were the crunchy french fried onions that are on their Steakburger. Burger King did a good job with their jalapeno pepper sourcing. Sure, these are pickled peppers from a can or jar, but they’re a lot better than ones I’ve had at Wendy’s, possibly even pleasant to eat, though by no means as good as fresh peppers. The inclusion of bacon is a little mysterious. It gets pretty overwhelmed in the sandwich by the other flavors and the texture of the peppers and onion rings. I’m sure the sandwich creators thought they couldn’t have an angry sandwich without including bacon, though.

The Angry Whopper is a fairly spicy sandwich, especially in the tame fast food spicy sandwich market, but, again, not nearly as painful. It’s sort of like Metallica’s St. Anger record – kind of rockin’ for old dudes, but not really all that angry. Of course, not even fast food burgers can be as lame as St. Anger (save for White Castle, of course).

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3 Comments to “Angry Whopper, Burger King”

  1. joshuagrace says:

    that is a great name for a burger and i really enjoyed your asides on this one!

    you could sub onion rings for fries and throw them on there, too. that might make it better.

  2. spiese says:

    Hootie was not selling Whoppers. He was selling a chicken sandwich. I can still hear the song in my head.

    …the Tendercrisp bacon Cheddar Ranch, oooh.. The Tendercrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch.

    I loved that commercial.

  3. hatchy says:

    whatever…hootie, scantily clad ladies on swings, and buckets of ranch dressing…doesn’t matter what they were actually selling. it was still weird.

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