I’m a partner in the new Crime and Punishment Brewing Co. that is aspiring to bring a brewery back to the Brewerytown neighborhood in Philadelphia. We have a spot at 2711 Girard Avenue and construction is underway to house our on-order brewing equipment. We’re planning to open in the Fall.

We’re selling some limited edition beer subscriptions, mug club memberships with special benefits and an opening dinner invitation, various swag, and even your very own stool that will always stay at the brewpub through our Indiegogo campaign. Head over and take a look and thanks for stopping by!

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Billy Jack’s is owned by the same folks who own Jack Brown’s and opened about a year ago. Billy Jack’s focuses on chicken wings, but does a few other menu items.  The Sticky Nugs, aka boneless nuggets, will keep the table happy for a starting snack. The standard sauce is a sweet chili sauce with a little spice and the chicken nuggets are very juicy. Billy Jack’s offers some chicken sandwiches and various “sliders” (though hardliners will not allow a non-burger “slider” to exist as a slider) with various chicken versions, burgers, crab cakes, barbecue pork, and a pretty ingenious 50/50 combo beef/bacon patty.

Billy Jack’s probably has the best beer selection in Harrisonburg, which is not to say the largest beer selection. They have 10 taps that rotate very frequently, there is rarely the same keg on from week to week. Unfortunately, sometimes the tap list is taken over by various pedestrian pilsners and pale ales, but, occasionally, things get crazy and they’ll have a keg of something like The Bruery’s Bois aged in Brandy casks on tap. And on nights like those, I’m going to be camping out on the stool for a while.

Muddy Pig Doughnut

Muddy Pig Doughnut

I’m basically beating around the bush here. The truest reason to go here is to get a doughnut. Billy Jack’s has four standard doughnuts on the menu. They freshly make a cake doughnut and put toppings on it. It’s a little small, so you don’t have to feel guilty having one after a night of dinner and beer. It comes out warm and the toppings are starting to melt. I am getting excited just typing these words. My favorite is the Muddy Pig which is topped with Nutella and bits of bacon. They don’t skimp on the bacon, the thing is fully covered and it is mouthmagical. Unbelievable doughnut–these people are geniuses. They also have The Dirty Duo (chocolate icing and Oreos), Barb’s Desk Drawer (vanilla icing and M&Ms), and The Psycho Girl Scout (peanut butter, chocolate icing, and burnt marshmallow). These are all also good, The Psycho Girl Scout is probably the better of the rest, in my opinion. It’s just hard not to get the Nutella and bacon combo every time.

Nutella Bacon Slider

Nutella Bacon Slider at Billy Jack’s

I should also mention that I did briefly become obsessed with the idea of getting a Muddy Pig slider. So, one evening, I convinced our waitress to ask the kitchen if they could make me a burger that was topped with Nutella, bacon, and cheese. They did and that willingness was especially awesome.  The burger was a little too sweet with the Nutella, but you never know until you try.

So, Billy Jack’s, come for the beer and stay for the doughnut. And there’s other food, too.

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hatchy on August 21st, 2013

It feels strange to make a post here after a long silence. I’ve been working near Harrisonburg, VA for nearly a year and a half and have visited every restaurant in the area multiple times while living out of a hotel room for most of the week. Harrisonburg is a college town, home to James Madison University and the somewhat smaller Eastern Mennonite University.

After consistent research, I can definitely say that the best burger in town is available at Jack Brown’s. This isn’t a grey area, approximate idea, it’s a clear consensus (just ask any student around) that is immediately obvious once you bite down into their fresh Wagyu beef, thin griddled patties. The burgers are just around a 1/4 lb and there are different special burgers available each night of the week. Since I’ve been staying in Harrisonburg, several of the nightly specials made their way onto the official menu. My favorite is easily the Elvis burger. It’s a single patty with cheese, bacon, mayo, and peanut butter. The mayo and peanut butter form a slightly sweet compliment to the saltiness from the bacon. This thing haunts my dreams, it just tastes so good.

Elvis Burger

Elvis Burger

Jack Brown’s has recently added hot dogs to their menu and there are different specials for each night of the week. There are also fries and an option to get a grilled cheese. If you’re feeling experimental, you can get a grilled cheese version of the Elvis burger, which I also recommend, that has everything but the patty on it.

They also serve deep fried Oreos for dessert. The batter is nearly doughnut-like, so these guys make for a pretty heavy ending to a meaty dinner. One night, I told my friend I’d only get an Oreo if they would wrap it in bacon, gambling that I could escape without dessert. The grill master was feeling the fun that night, so wrapped the Oreo in bacon, battered it, and deep fried it. I shouldn’t have eaten it, but the Oreo was easily twice as good with the addition of bacon. [Just found a photo of the Deep Fried Bacon Oreo for proof, so just added it]

Deep Fried Oreo

Deep Fried Oreo


Deep Fried Bacon Oreo

Deep Fried Bacon Oreo

The space is narrow and largely occupied by a long bar that has maybe a dozen stools and a separate table with seating for four. Aside from winter, there is also outside seating with heating lamps for the cooler nights in early spring and late autumn. Due to its small size, you may feel overwhelmed with the possibility of a wait, but if you linger with a beer, you’ll likely find a spot at the bar before you’ve finished. Worst case, you can get your order to go. There are three beers on tap which are usually solid craft beer offerings, often from regional breweries. There are at least 100 beers in bottles, if you’d rather make your selection there.

They do have eating records at both of their area locations. My friend and I witnessed the 2012 record being set at 10 burgers in Harrisonburg and another friend held (is holding?) the 2013 burger record at their Single Wide location in Magaheysville for quite a few weeks at 6.

If you’re in the area and like burgers, Jack Brown’s is a must top and also worth stopping in if you’re driving on I-81 near Harrisonburg.

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